Eilat Ramon Airport Guide

Eilat’s new Ramon Airport has officially opened just north of the city Eilat as of January 21, 2019. The new Ramon Airport has replaced the two existing airports in Eilat, Eilat City Airport and Ovda Airport, and create an impressive new international gateway to Southern Israel and the Red Sea. The Ramon Airport is expected to handle up to 2 million passengers a year upon opening with expansion allowing capacity of up to 4.2 million passengers by the year 2030. All domestic flights to the old Eilat City Airport from Tel Aviv and Haifa have now moved to the new Eilat Ramon Airport, whilst the airport will also begin handling low-cost and charter flights from Europe which previously in Ovda Airport, including flights from Ryanair, WizzAir, Transavia, SAS, Finnair, Edelweiss, and Ural Airlines.

Ramon Airport Terminal Building
Ramon Airport Terminal Building

Ramon Airport’s Terminal building is designed by Mann Shinar Architects and will handle 2 million passengers growing to 4 million passengers at a later stage. The terminal features all key facilities of a modern airport terminal including a duty-free store, foreign exchange, information, and transportation services.

The location is the ideal gateway to Southern Israel with its array of attractions and leisure options. Dive in the coral reefs of the Red Sea in Eilat, or take a tour to Masada, King Herod’s ancient fortress. Cross into Jordan and take a trip to Petra or hike in the wondrous mountains of the Negev Desert. This is a land of endless possibilities.

Ramon airport overview
Ramon Airport overview

Ramon Airport Key Facts

  • Apron parking space for 9 large and wide-body aircraft such as those used by European low-cost airlines
  • Apron space for 4 turboprop aircraft such as those used on domestic flights from Tel Aviv and Haifa to Eilat.
  • Apron space for 16 general aviation aircraft
  • 3600m long runway with 45-meter width
  • Helipad
  • Capacity and facilities for cargo and freight operations
Ramon Airport passenger hall
Ramon Airport passenger hall

The new Eilat Airport terminal has been designed using materials which reflect the right natural beauty of the Timna Valley where the airport is located. Many term the airport Timna Airport in light of the location, yet the official name is Ramon International Airport.

Terminal Ramon Airport

Airlines expected to operate at the new Eilat Ramon Airport include those currently serving Eilat Airport, Israir and Arkia, as well as the European airlines serving Ovda Airport including Ryanair, Wizz, and more European charter airlines during the winter season. Ryanair is expected to base several aircraft at the new airport and grow this hub into a focus city on their European route network.

Ramon Airport airside

Ramon Airport is just 18 km north of Eilat and will eventually be served by a rail link but for the time being there will be shuttles from Ramon Airport to Eilat for the 10-minute journey to the city, Israel’s window onto the Red Sea.

Because of its location at the head of the Red Sea, the Ramon Airport is also a gateway for southern Jordan including the resort of Aqaba, and areas of Wadi Rum and Petra, as well as the Taba area of Sinai, in Egypt. And shuttle connections to both Jordan and Egypt are expected from Ramon Airport as the new airfield becomes a truly regional hub.