How to get from Ramon Airport to Eilat

Ramon Airport Terminal BuildingA new shuttle will link the Ramon Airport to Eilat departing with high frequency and transiting passengers from the new airfield on the 15 minute journey to the center of Eilat, Israel’s Red Sea resort with year-round-sun. The shuttles from Ramon Airport to Eilat will depart every fifteen minutes and drop and pick passengers to their individual hotels in the city. A safe and reliable service, the shuttle from Ramon Airport to Eilat is set to become the main mode of transport between the airport and city, and whilst taxis are available, these will be more expensive than the Ramon Airport shuttle.

Operated by a fleet of modern air conditioned vehicles, with multilingual drivers and assistants, the shuttle from Ramon Airport to Eilat will continue the legacy begun with the construction of the new airport at Ramon by introducing further high level European standard tourism services into the south of Israel.

Because of its location at the head of the Red Sea, the Ramon Airport will also be a gateway for southern Jordan including the resort of Aqaba, and areas of Wadi Rum and Petra,  as well as the Taba area of Sinai, in Egypt. And shuttle connections to both Jordan and Egypt are expected from Ramon Airport as the new airfield becomes a truly regional hub.