Trips and Tours From Eilat to Petra

Tours from Eilat to Petra provide the perfect solution for any visitor who wants to visit the “Rose Red City” of Petra. No visit to Eilat is complete without a visit to Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, which lies just two hours from Eilat and Ramon Airport, across the border, in Jordan. By virtue of its location, Ramon Airport is the closest major international airport to Petra, and serves as a gateway to the region. Tours from Eilat to Petra are available daily with guaranteed departures from $199 per person. Tours vary in duration from one day, to longer overnight trips, such as two day, three  day, and four day trips.

One day tour from Eilat to Petra

See Wadi Rum on the way from Eilat to Petra

Available every day, the one day tour from Eilat to Petra, costs $199 per person, and includes four to six hours guided tour through the city of Petra. A once in a lifetime experience, this trip includes the highlights of Petra, such as the siq and the iconic treasury (most well known from the movies of Indiana Jones). More information about the one day tour to Petra from Eilat.

Two day – four day tours from Eilat to Petra and Wadi Rum

Tours from Eilat to Petra all include the iconic Treasury

Overnight tours from Eilat to Petra, or tours from Eilat to Petra and Wadi Rum, are available for two to four days in duration. Equally impressive, these trips run every day with guaranteed departures. Most popular among these is the Petra and Wadi Rum two day tour, which includes a jeep safari in the Wadi Rum desert, and overnight experience in a Bedouin Camp.  Here, find the full range of tours from Eilat to Petra.

Tours from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem to Petra

Whilst Tel Aviv is geographically further from Petra than Eilat, a selection of tours  from Tel Aviv to Petra are available every day. A large portion of these trips travel from Tel Aviv to Eilat by road, with others flying from Tel Aviv to Ramon Airport, from where the journey to Petra takes place on land. Tours from Tel Aviv to Petra include similar options to those from Eilat, including one day trips, and overnight trips including Wadi Rum and more. Similar options are available from Jerusalem, and can also be considered.

Tour or independent travel?

The benefit of tours to Petra over traveling independently lies both in cost-effectiveness, and convenience. The cost of the entry fee to Petra is significant. For example, on a one day trip from Israel, it stands at $130 per person, and therefore, when considering the cost of a tour at $199, the tour is very accessible, as it includes all transport, guiding, and some food.  On the convenience front, tours to Petra include arranging the visa to Jordan, assistance at the border and all the other coordination needed to ensure that the trip runs perfectly. Travel by taxi is possible, however, is more expensive. Groups or those with special requirements offer organise a private tour to Petra.

Ramon Airport and Eilat – Gateway to Petra

Ramon Airport and Eilat are the gateway to Petra. With the journey to Petra being so quick and easy, more and more passengers opt to land in Ramon and continue their journey by crossing into Jordan.